About us

My name is Judy Morris, Employment Specialist, personal development coach and founder of JCLUB FOR SUCCESS.

I’m glad you are here. Being unemployed, underemployed or working in a dead-end job is dissatisfying. Over time, it takes a toll on the human spirit.  Being unemployed can deteriorate your confidence and self-esteem.  It is no wonder so many people fall prey to anxiety and depression after losing a job, regardless of the reasons.  And for those of you having some employment, after working all week, it can be challenging to come home, take care of the necessities of living, and then fully engage in a demanding research project evaluating your marketable skills in relation to the current job market.  And if all that goes well, you still need a dynamic, new resume, a winning cover letter and extra preparation for interviews with relevant Q & A materials.  It’s no wonder people give up on their career goals.  They seem out of reach.

There is a solution for people at any stage of their career.   JCLUB FOR SUCCESS provides relevant informative, tools, guidance, motivational support and accountability systems, which are field-tested and proven effective in helping you reach your career goals, today and in the future.

Don’t give up on your dreams.  Become part of a winning team.  Join JCLUB FOR SUCCESS today!